CrossFit Westerville: 654 Brooksedge Blvd, Westerville 43081

This is a 12 week program held at Crossfit Westerville. Coaches will introduce the Scouts to key concepts of movement, nutrition, mobility, conditioning and recovery. All Scouts will complete an initial test of their abilities across four areas of fitness. They will create a workout plan and be retested in these same 4 area every two weeks. The counselors will also cover discussion questions for completion of all badge requirements. A new class is started the first Sunday of each month.

Who we are

CrossFit Westerville is co-owned by an Eagle Scout and this custom program was created by Scout families. Written to reflect the requirements put forth by the Boy Scouts of America but executed to enhance a lifelong love of movement and healthy life choices.

Why we do it

While this Merit Badge is required to achieve Eagle Scout rank, we believe the improvements in overall fitness the Scouts will see from this course, creates a strong foundation to continue making choices for better health and well-being throughout their lives.

When is it

A new class starts the first Sunday of every month & meets again every other Sunday afternoon. If your Scout is interested in joining our next class, please use the contact form below. We will send you the class dates and information.

Contact us for more information about our upcoming class